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Terms and conditions of purchasing, using and returning GoSwift services


Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the terms and conditions before the purchase of the services. Later, making amendments to the already purchased services is connected with restrictions. 

  GoSwift – information system for managing a common border queue
  Waiting line – queue of the vehicles and persons in GoSwif database on the basis of which the border of the Republic of Estonia is crossed
  First priority queue – this is formed by vehicles/ drivers, who have the right to cross the border in the first priority queue according to the State Borders Act §85 (4)
  Reservation – electronic place in the waiting line
  Making a reservation – taking a place in the electronic waiting line
   Reservation time – period of time chosen for going to the border checkpoint
  Pre-reservation – reservation for a certain time (date, period of time)
  Living queue – reservation at the first opportunity available
  Waiting area – an official parking lot before the border, passing through of which is obligatory

1. Purchase of services
1.1. The main service of GoSwift is taking a place in the waiting line for crossing the border.
1.2. Additional services of GoSwift are:

a. Waiting area service – the right to come to the official waiting area related to the border crossing point selected upon making the reservation and wait there for the call to the border. You have to pay for the Waiting Area Service and the prices are established by the holder of the Waiting Area;
b. Paid SMS notifications – SMS notifications sent automatically by GoSwift system to inform the driver of his/ her place in the queue and the need to appear in the waiting area and to the border.
c. Additional services used in the waiting area – additional services defined by the Waiting Area that can be ordered via GoSwift system.

1.3. Additional services and their prices have been coordinated by the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.
1.4. The services can be paid for via the Internet bank of Swedbank, SEB bank, Sampo and Nordea banks (bank link), by Visa- and Mastercard credit cards, from the GoSwift client account or as a mobile payment;
1.5. Prior to paying for the additional services, the buyer shall undertake to check the content of the added services and make sure that the content of the shopping cart complies with the actually desired services. Later settlements of accounts are not possible, except for the cases referred to in Clause 8.
1.6. If services or quantities have been added to the shopping cart by mistake, which are not the desired ones, the corresponding lines or quantities need to be cancelled in the shopping cart and filled with the right data.

2. All motor vehicles, irrespective of the category, need to have a reservation for crossing the border 
2.1. GoSwift system should not be used by passenger coaches or non-road mobile machinery, which are not motor vehicles according to the Traffic Act or Public Transport Act.
2.2. Police institution may allow the vehicle to cross the border checkpoint without taking a place in the waiting line, without waiting in the waiting line and without passing through the border crossing waiting area if this is for the sake of public order, state’s security or people’s health protection or if this is due to work-related need or it arises from the law, external contract or international custom or there is other public interest for that.

3. Reservation can be made on the Internet, by phone or in the official waiting area 
3.1. Reservation can be made up to 90 days in advance
3.2. The quickest and most convenient way for making the reservation is on the Internet on websitewww.eestipiir.ee or www.estonianborder.eu.
3.3. You can make a reservation by phone at number +372 698 9192.
3.4. In the waiting areas near the border, it is possible to register for the queue in self-service stands or with the help of a waiting area attendant.

4. In order to make the reservation, the data of the driver’s travel document and vehicle crossing the border need to be sent to the system and the period of time and border crossing point when and where you wish to cross the border need to be given to the system
4.1. Upon making the reservation, you need to select the queue type for which reservation is made: a living queue or pre-reserved queue.
4.2. In case a commercial vehicle or a bus has several drivers, data of all the drivers need to be forwarded.
4.3. The basis of the reservation is a driver with the vehicle, in case of carriage of goods, a load of goods with MRN number.
4.4. Commercial vehicles need to provide the MRN number of the customs document upon making the reservation or declare that they will cross the border without a cargo.
4.5. Data collection and processing are regulated by the State Borders Act and Database Statutes of Border Crossing Waiting Line.
4.6. At least half of the gross weight of the vehicle arriving at the waiting area, has to be declared on the same day a driver makes a booking in the border crossing electronic queue, or earlier.

5. Driver of a vehicle and each vehicle can have only one reservation at a time
5.1. As an exception, driver of a C category vehicle, who has a reservation, can have an additional reservation for an A or B category vehicle or with unique MRN number can have an additional reservation for a C category vehicle.

6. In order to make a reservation in the queue of the first priority, you need to specify the legal basis for applying for the queue of the first priority
6.1. In case there is a difference between the driver and the fellow traveller, the driver of the vehicle needs to enter also the data of the fellow traveller upon making the reservation.
6.2. According to Clauses of State Borders Act §85 , a place can be applied for in the queue of the first priority by:

• a vehicle that has a member of an international delegation, an employee of foreign states diplomatic representation or a consular post on board
• a vehicle which carries goods that are listed in the register of time-sensitive goods established on the basis of the Customs Act §59 1 subsection 2 (currently valid register of time-sensitive goods https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/13333903 )
• a vehicle which has the right to cross the border in the queue of the first priority due to an international agreement or external contract
• A and A1 category motorcycle

In other exceptional cases, queue of the first priority can be applied for in the waiting area where the Police and Border Guard Board decides the queue of the first priority on the basis of how justified the application is.

6.3. Keep in mind that in order to use the priority queue line, all goods inside the vehicle, have to belong to a time-sensitive product group.

7. You have to pay for making a reservation
7.1. In 2016, making a reservation costs 1.50 EUR according to the price list.
7.2. The price list of the services is available at www.eestipiir.ee or www.estonianborder.eu .
7.3. It is possible to pay by a bank link or credit card on the homepage.
7.4. Paying by phone, it is possible to use a mobile payment or prepayment account. In case of a mobile payment, confirmation is asked during the call and the reservation fee is added to the phone bill.
7.5. It is possible to pay in cash or by a bank card in the waiting area.
7.6. Reservation will be valid after making the payment.
7.7. After a successful reservation, a one-time free notification is sent by e-mail, SMS or phone in accordance with the means selected by the client.
7.8. It is possible to get free information about reservation, expected waiting time in the queue and expected time of being transferred from the waiting area to the border crossing point on the websites:www.eestipiir.ee and www.estonianborder.eu
7.9. It is possible to order extra notification by e-mail, SMS or phone as a paid additional service.

8. Refund of the fee
8.1. The fee for GoSwift main service, i.e. for taking in the border crossing queue is non-refundable (basis: State Borders Act §8).
8.2. The purchased waiting area service and other additional services can be cancelled and the fee left as prepayment or claimed for refund. The waiting area fee shall not be refunded or left as prepayment, if the place in the border crossing queue reserved for a car (upon reserving a place in the queue, the user has chosen A or B or BC as the category) was cancelled by the user less than 24 (twenty-four) hours before the planned time of border crossing and the place in the border crossing queue reserved for a lorry or bus (upon reserving a place in the queue, the user has chosen C or CE or D as the category)  was  cancelled by the user less than  48 (forty-eight) hours before the planned time of  border crossing.
8.3. Prepayment can be used for ordering GoSwift services within 6 months as from the cancellation of the services.
8.4. Cancellation of the services and refunding of the fee is performed on the basis of the application filled in on the Internet. The corresponding form can be found at: https://www.eestipiir.ee/yphis/addIssue.action .

8.5. In case of cancellation of additional services, the whole amount paid is not refunded. 2 EUR of refunding cost shall not be refunded. In case you have partly or fully used the services, the fee shall not be refunded. In case the total amount of the services is smaller than 2 EUR, the fee shall not be refunded.
8.6. Full fee shall be refunded if the service could not be used due to the fault of the waiting area or GoSwift. Other exceptional cases that do not make it possible to use or change the service duly shall be handled each case separately.
8.7. The client may make allowed changes instead of cancelling the service if required.
8.8. The refundable sum shall be transferred on the client’s bank account in the Estonian bank within 30 days as from sending the client a confirmation regarding receipt of the application and refundable sum.

9. Reservation can be changed not more than 3 times and not later than 3 hours before the reservation time
9.1. When changing the reservation, the border crossing point and the corresponding waiting area will be the same.
9.2. No additional notifications shall be sent in case of changing the reservation.
9.3. In case of A, B, BC, CE and D category vehicles, only reservation time can be changed.
9.4. In case of C category vehicles, reservation time, driver and vehicle can be changed provided that the MRN number of the customs document will not change. It is not allowed to add an MRN number to an existing reservation or change it.

10. All the vehicles need to pass through the waiting area before being sent to the border checkpoint
10.1. A, B and D category vehicles with reservation need to arrive in the waiting area by the beginning of their reservation time at the latest, Cand CE category vehicles need to arrive in the waiting area 3 hours before the reservation time.
10.2. In order to register arrival in the waiting area, the driver needs to give the vehicle and driver’s documents to the waiting area employee.
10.3. The driver shall receive information in the waiting area about the time when s/he is sent to the border checkpoint.
10.4. Only a vehicle sent to the border checkpoint from the waiting area will be allowed to the border. No reservation can be made at the border crossing point.
10.5. Reservation shall be automatically cancelled by the system if the vehicle has not appeared in the waiting area by the reservation time or if the vehicle cannot reach the border from the waiting area within a reasonable period of time.
10.6. Reservation shall be cancelled also in case wrong data have been submitted when making the reservation.

10.7. Passenger cars and motorcycles are no longer obliged to pay for the usage of queue management and waiting area services, if registration is made in the live queue, from the self-service kiosk in the waiting area, and if the vehicle is in the waiting area for not more than 15 minutes, before being directed to the border crossing point. If a booking is made online or by telephone, the service fee must be paid.

Service provider:

GoSwift service contact:
tugi@eestipiir.ee or support@estonianborder.eu ,
tel. +372 698 9192

GoSwift OÜ
Registry code 10673059 KMKR EE 100619906
Mäealuse 2/1, 12618 Tallinn
e-mail: info@goswift.eu, www.goswift.eu 

How it works?

Queues and types


  • Reserve for certain time
    By registering in the queue, you can choose the time when you want to cross the border. Note that if an unexpected decrease or increase in border capacity occurs, then the booked time will be, if possible, kept unchanged at the expense of other queues (except priority queues).
  • Priority Queue
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.
  • Booking for the first available time
    А certain part of the normal border capacity is allocated, so it is advisable to use a reservation for a certain time or priority. Note that if an unexpected decrease or increase in border capacity occurs, then waiting time will be increased or decreased accordingly.

Where and how


  • Internet
  • Operator or self service termnals at waiting areas
  • Call Center 08:00-23:00: +372 698 9192