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1.1.  Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as Rules) determine the requirements regarding to use the Sillamäe truck parking and rest area (hereinafter referred to as Waiting area) for vehicles, crossing the border in Narva and concerning the border queue, arrival to the Area, staying there and departure to the border crossing point.

1.2.  The vehicles, crossing the border have to be sent in the waiting area in the order to ensure traffic safety and public order, to reduce the negative impact on the environment and organize the passage of the border. Border crossing in Narva border checkpoint without passing through the waiting area is prohibited (except for vehicles, which are started from Narva and its surrounding municipalities).

1.3. Rules of use are made in according to the State border Act, the Database Statutes of Border Crossing Waiting Line, the administrative agreement between Port of Sillamäe Ltd. and Ministry of Internal Affairs and other operating normative documents and legislation acts of European Union and Republic of Estonia.

1.4. Persons, passing through the Waiting area and staying there are obligated to implement the requirements of the Rules and have been guided in its activities to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

1.5. The implement of the rules are obligatory for all persons and vehicles, which are use the Waiting area.

1.6. The Waiting area is functioning round -the- clock and is protected. Waiting area services vehicles, which wait the border crossing in Narva border checkpoint.

1.7. The Waiting area is located on the territory of Port of Sillamäe on the Tööstuse street. 



2.1. All motor vehicles, crossing the border need to have a reservation in information system (hereinafter referred to as System) for crossing the border and select the queue type for which reservation is made: a living queue or pre-reserved queue and pass in the Waiting area. No reservation can be made at the border crossing point.

2.2. Police institution may allow the vehicle to cross the border checkpoint without taking a place in the waiting line, without waiting in the waiting line and without passing through the border crossing waiting area if this is for the sake of public order, state’s security or people’s health protection or if this is due to work-related need or it arises from the law, external contract or international custom or there is other public interest for that. In this case the fee for the use of waiting area and taking a place in the waiting line are not charged.

2.3. In the case if the vehicle arrives in the border checkpoint without the place in the waiting line or the place was selected wrong, this vehicle will be sent back in the Waiting area for doing the reservation in the System.

2.4In the waiting areas it is possible to register for the queue in self-service stands or with the help of a waiting area attendant.

2.5. The terms and conditions of taking place in the waiting line are available at www.eestipiir.ee and www.estonianborder.eu .

2.6. The register for the queue can be paid in cash, via the Internet bank and by a bank card;

2.7. In the case when the vehicle is registered for crossing the border without the (semi)trailer or cargo, the border crossing is permitted only the vehicle itself.

2.8. Described below vehicles have the right to cross the border in the first priority:

2.8.1. a vehicle that has a member of an international delegation, an employee of foreign states diplomatic representation or a consular post on board;

2.8.2. a vehicle which carries goods that are listed in the register of time-sensitive goods;

2.8.3. a vehicle which has the right to cross the border in the queue of the first priority due to an international agreement or external contract;

2.8.4. a vehicle which has the another strong reasons to cross the border.

2.9. The vehicles which have the right to cross the border in the first priority is also registered in the Waiting area. The sending of the mentioned vehicle to the border checkpoint is provided at the earliest opportunity.



3.1. The vehicles need to arrive in the waiting area 3 hours before the time of sending to the border checkpoint. At the later arrival time the sending to the border checkpoint by the beginning a reservation is not guaranteed.

3.2. The vehicle, which is arrived in the Waiting area need to make a reservation in the queue (if it was not done before).According to the place in the queue the vehicle will be sent to the border crossing point.

3.3. To make the reservation for the crossing the border, the data is entered into the information system (hereinafter System).

3.4. The submitter of the data is a person, applying for the place in the queue for crossing the border.

3.5. The documents, which are necessary for entering data into the information systems are:

3.5.1. an application for the taking place in the queue;

3.5.2. a valid travel document of the driver, who cross the border;

3.5.3. a valid certificate of registration of the vehicle;

3.5.4. the documents, which are provide the priority rights to cross the border; 

3.5.5. MRN code;

3.6. In order to make a reservation the following data (vehicle, driver, cargo, checkpoint, waiting area and target of the trip) need to be sent to the System.

3.7. The applicant is responsible for the correctness of the data and the documents.

3.8. If the employee of the System is discovering some incorrect data or was informed of this, he organizes the data correction, adding links of corrected data.

3.9. The employee of the system have to provide information about reservation, expected waiting time in the queue and expected time of being transferred from the waiting area to the border crossing point.

3.10. The information, related to the System is available by the phone 6989192.

3.11. The driver of the vehicle on arrival in the Waiting area is obligated:

3.11.1. to stop in front of the barrier of the entrance to the Waiting area, inform the operator of his arrival and about the reservation in the System;

3.11.2. to inform the operator if the vehicle is carried some dangerous or time-sensitive cargo or has the priority rights for crossing the border;

3.11.3. to place the vehicle at a place specified by the Operator and come up to him to control the data or enter it into the System;

3.11.4. to move the vehicle with a speed no more than 10 km per hour;

3.11.5. to follow the information about a place in the queue and the time of sending to the border checkpoint.

3.11.6. The access to the territory of the Waiting area without the registration is allowed in the case of exceptional circumstances, such as an accident or fire, attempted assault or attack on objects, located on the territory, the natural disasters.

3.11.7. Vehicles are placed on the parking lot in accordance with categories of goods and with an opportunity to leave the waiting area independently. Vehicles, which carry dangerous goods (ADR goods ) are placed separately in a part of parking lot of Waiting area where is the possibility of entrance of rescue vehicles.



4.1. When the vehicle is parked on the place according to the directions of the attendant of the Waiting area the driver has right:

4.1.1. to rest;

4.1.2. to use free services provided in the Waiting area:

•to park vehicle on the territory of Waiting area;

•to throw out the trash; 

•to get free information about reservation in the System, expected waiting time in the queue and expected time of being transferred from the waiting area to the border crossing point;

•to perform operations, related to the customs supervision;

•to carry out a customs clearance of transit (on the basis of previously submitted the export customs declaration);

•to carry out a customs clearance of exports (for the companies which are served by Sillamäe custom or in a case when the goods are packed for export or stored in Sillamäe area.)

•to carry out a preliminary control of goods for export (inspection, limitation, compliance documents);

•to use WC;

•to use free Wi-Fi zone;

4.1.3. to use paid services, provided in the Waiting area :



•to declare cargo and transmit a custom information across the border;

•to use Internet, fax, phone.

4.2. Service in the waiting area is carried out in Estonian, Russian and English.

4.3. Persons, staying in the Waiting area are obligated:

4.3.1. to follow the rules of road and requirements of the Rules ;

4.3.2. to fill requirements of Waiting area employees and security service; 

4.3.3. to keep the cleanliness and order, to take care of property and equipment of the Waiting area ;

4.3.4. to monitor the information on the electronic scoreboard.

4.4. Next activities and substances are prohibited on the territory of Waiting area:

4.4.1. to bring on the territory of the Waiting area:



•toxic and noxious substances (in the case when they are not the cargo);

•other substances, which can cause an explosion, fire or other extraordinary events;

4.4.2. to obstruct the traffic and ignore the road signs.;

4.4.3. to make the open fire;

4.4.4. to make the large repair of the vehicle;

4.4.5. to fill the fuel;

4.4.6. to pour out the oil products in the trash container;

4.4.7. to park on the parking lot vehicles, which have a leakage of gasoline and lubricating oils;

4.4.8. to drink alcohol and be in the state of alcohol intoxication.

4.5. The material damage as the result of violation of these requirements is compensated by the guilty part to the owner of the Waiting area in full.



5.1. The vehicle has a right to go to the border crossing point, after due notification by electronic scoreboard and after fulfilling its financial obligations to the waiting area.

5.2. The data of the vehicles are verified with the number of the queue before the vehicle leaves the Waiting area. If the vehicles want to leave the Waiting area before the time of sending to the border point, they are obligated to register oneself with the Waiting area attendant.

5.3. The vehicle could not leave the Waiting area for loading or for other reasons, without notice the Waiting area attendant. Otherwise, the new registration should be done upon arrival.

5.4. In the case of a breakdown of vehicle or trailer, the driver should ask the permission to leave the Waiting area for the repair. If the vehicle is returned to the territory of the Waiting area until the time of departure to the border crossing point, its place on the queue is remained. If is necessary to replace the vehicle or (semi) trailer, the driver should present a statement with a copy of vehicle or (semi) trailer registration. . Place in the queue is remained if the vehicle is carrying the same cargo (MRN code), which was declared before.

5.5. The vehicles, which were returned from border checkpoint to the Waiting area (despite of reasons) are determined in the general queue. In this case the paid sum for the services of Waiting area shall not be refunded.

5.6. If the vehicle does not departure from the territory of Waiting area by the time of reservation, the Waiting area stuff have to clarify the reason. The operator has a right to extend the time of staying in Waiting area taking into account the reasonable wishes of the driver. In this case, the number in the queue is moving forward on an empty place. If the departure of the vehicle for whatever reason was not marked, the reservation shall be cancelled.

5.7. Driver is obliged to inform the attendant of Waiting area if he is not able to arrive in the border point by the booked time because of technical failure, weather conditions and ect.) Otherwise, place the vehicle in the queue will be cancelled and will be necessary to do new reservation for crossing the border.

5.8. The data of vehicles are checked with the System's ones upon arrival to the border crossing point from the Waiting area. Only registered vehicles are allowed for crossing the border.



6.1The fee of using the Waiting area and taking place in the waiting line in 2011. is 15, 97 Euro (the price consist VAT and 1 Euro is the reservation coast in the System) to each vehicles for each crossing the border. Paying this fee, he client has right to use services if Waiting area 24 hours before the time of sending to the border checkpoint and 12 hours after this time.

6.2. Outside the specified in section 6.1 time limit, the administrator of the Waiting area has right to take the additional fee for extra service.

6.3. The fee for parking, carried out earlier than 24 hours before sending to the border checkpoint and 12 hours after :

•1.00 Euro per hour

•16.00 Euros per day

6.4. Hourly parking fee is taken for each past hour, if the vehicle is placed on the parking lot from 24 to 48 hours before sending to the border checkpoint and / or 12 to 24 hours after.

6.5. Daily parking fee is taken for every past day, if the vehicle is placed on the parking lot more than 48 hours before sending to the border checkpoint and / or more than 24 hours after.

6.6. Other paid services are provided in accordance to the price list of Waiting area. VAT is added to all services, except the price mentioned at the paragraph 6.1

6.7. The price list of the services is available at www.eestipiir.ee or www.estonianborder.eu .

6.8. It is possible to pay by a bank link or credit card on the homepage.

6.9. Paying by phone, it is possible to use a credit card or make a mobile payment. In case of a mobile payment, confirmation is asked during the call and the reservation fee is added to the phone bill.

6.10. It is possible to pay in cash or by a bank card in the waiting area.

6.11Reservation will be valid after making the payment.

6.12. After a successful reservation, a one-time free notification is sent by e-mail, SMS or phone in accordance with the means selected by the client.

6.13. It is possible to get free information about reservation, expected waiting time in the queue and expected time of being transferred from the waiting area to the border crossing point on the websites: www.eestipiir.ee and www.estonianborder.eu

6.14. It is possible to order extra notification by e-mail, SMS or phone as a paid additional service.

6.15. The fee for taking in the border crossing queue is non-refundable (basis: State Borders Act §8)

6.16. It is possible to cancel the purchased waiting area service and other additional services and leave the fee as a prepayment or apply for refund of the fee until the specified arrival in the waiting area.

6.17. Prepayment can be used for ordering GoSwift services within 6 months as from the cancellation of the services.

6.18. Cancellation of the services and refunding of the fee is performed on the basis of the application filled in on the Internet. The corresponding instructions can be found at: https://www.eestipiir.ee or https://www.estonianborder.eu.

6.19. In case of cancellation of additional services, the whole amount paid is not refunded. 2 EUR of refunding cost shall not be refunded. In case you have partly or fully used the services, the fee shall not be refunded. In case the total amount of the services is smaller than 2 EUR, the fee shall not be refunded.

6.20. Full fee shall be refunded if the service could not be used due to the fault of the Waiting area or GoSwift. Other exceptional cases that do not make it possible to use or change the service duly shall be handled each case separately.

6.21. The client my make allowed changes instead of cancelling the service, if required.

6.22. The refundable sum shall be transferred on the client’s bank account in the Estonian bank within 30 days as from sending the client a confirmation regarding receipt of the application and refundable sum. 



7.1. Responsibility for violation of the provisions specified in the Rules and others law acts are laid on the person, a company or its employee, who have committed the violation in accordance with law.

7.2. Attendant of the waiting area or security officers have the right to temporarily restrict the violator's access to the Waiting area.

How it works?

Queues and types:

  • Pre-Reserve queue
    Allows the reserving of a border crossing time for a certain day and hour.
  • Priority Queue
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.
  • Live Queue
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.

Where and how


  • Internet
  • Self service termnals @ waiting areas
  • 24h Call Center : +372 698 9192