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1.1. The terms of use applied at the Waiting Area of the border-crossing point (hereinafter Rules) provide the requirements for the vehicles waiting to cross the state border at the Luhamaa border-crossing point with regard to the border queue, waiting in the border queue, using the Waiting Area of the border-crossing point and departing from the Waiting Area to the border-crossing point.

1.2. The vehicles wishing to cross the border are sent to the Waiting Area in order to ensure traffic safety and public order, but also to reduce the negative impact on the environment and to organise the entry of vehicles to the border-crossing point. Crossing the border without passing the Waiting Area is prohibited in the Luhamaa border-crossing point, except in cases provided by law.

1.3. The Rules of using the Waiting Area have been compiled on the basis of the State Borders Act, the Statutes for the Database of Border-crossing Waiting Line (Piiriületuse ootejärjekorra andmekogu põhimäärus), the administrative agreement between the Estonian Police and Border Guard Bord and the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

1.4. The persons and vehicles staying in the Waiting Area are obligated to adhere to the Rules of using the Waiting Area.

1.5. The Waiting Area operates 24 hours a day and services vehicles departing from Estonia via the Luhamaa border-crossing point.

1.6. The Waiting Area of the Luhamaa border-crossing point is located on the territory of Collade OÜ in Lüta Village, Setomaa Parish, Võru County.



2.1. The vehicles departing from Estonia must register themselves in the waiting line database (hereinafter the Database) beforehand or register in the general queue at the Waiting Area. Registering in the border-crossing waiting line and passing through the Waiting Area are obligatory.

2.2. It is not obligatory to register the following vehicles in the Database of the border-crossing queue: vehicles that are not motor vehicles for the purposes of the Traffic Act, or buses performing regular carriage of passengers and servicing a fixed route for the purposes of the Public Transport Act.

2.3. Registering in the Database of the border-crossing queue and using the Waiting Area are fee-charging services.

No fee is charged to register A and B category vehicles in the living queue in the waiting area and the vehicle is directed to the border point. When entering the waiting area, the vehicle number is identified.

2.4. A police institution may allow a vehicle to enter the border-crossing point without queuing in the waiting line and passing the border-crossing Waiting Area, if it is in the interests of public order, national security or the protection of public health, or it is done due to a work-related need or pursuant to the law, an international agreement or an international custom or if it is based on another matter of public interest. In this case, no fee is charged from the vehicle for using the Waiting Area or taking a place in the border-crossing queue.

2.5. If a vehicle arrives in the Waiting Area without having previously reserved a place in the border-crossing queue, it can do so in the Waiting Area by using a self-service computer system or a service provided by the Waiting Area operator.

2.6. The price, terms and conditions, and legal bases for reserving a place in the border-crossing queue are provided on the webpage https://www.eestipiir.ee/ or https://www.estonianborder.eu/.

2.7. Reserving a place in the border-crossing queue in the Waiting Area can be paid for in cash or by card via a card terminal.

2.8. Upon taking a place in the waiting line, lorries transporting goods must present the MRN number of the customs document or declare that they are crossing the border without cargo.

2.09. If a lorry was registered in the border-crossing queue without cargo, only a lorry not transporting goods is allowed to cross the border.

2.10. The following vehicles can be given priority to in the border-crossing queue:

a) vehicles that are carrying a member of an international delegation or an employee of a foreign diplomatic mission or a consular post;

b) for a vehicle carrying time-sensitive goods within the meaning of the Customs Act

c) vehicles that are given a priority right to cross the border under an international agreement;

d) vehicles with another good reason and an urgent need to cross the border if there is public interest.

2.11. If a vehicle has presented false information upon registration into the waiting line, the place in the waiting line shall be cancelled and the vehicle must be re-registered in the Database of the waiting line.



3.1. A, B and D category vehicles must arrive at the Waiting Area at least for the time of sending to the border-crossing point. In case of later arrival, the direction to the border-crossing point is not guaranteed at the time reserved for the vehicle.

3.2. Category C vehicles with a prior place in the waiting line must arrive at the Waiting Area at least 1 hour before they are sent to the border-crossing point. In case of later arrival, the direction to the border-crossing point is not guaranteed at the time reserved for the vehicle.

3.3. The person submitting the data to the border crossing waiting queue database is the person applying for the border crossing waiting queue.

3.4. The source documents for entering the data into the Database are the following:

3.4.1. a valid travel document of the driver and the passenger, verifying the border crossing;

3.4.2. a valid registration certificate of the vehicle;

3.4.3. documents that verify the priority border-crossing place in the waiting line.

3.4.4. If there are goods to be declared in the vehicle, the departing customs document (transit or export) MRN number will be entered into the Database. The document with the inserted MRN number will be checked in the Waiting Area of the border-crossing point.

3.4.5. If there are no goods to be declared, the vehicle is registered without goods.

3.4.6. Other submitted documents and certificates.

3.5. At the time of submitting the source document, a person submitting it is responsible for the correctness of the submitted data and the data in the source documents.

3.6. If an authorized processor identifies incorrect data in the Database or if he/she has been reported about such data as unintentional error, he/she will immediately arrange for the correction of the data and, if possible, add a reference to the Database indicating to a document with correct data.

3.7. The Waiting Area operator as well as the following websites provide free information about the reservation, estimated waiting time in the waiting line and the time when the vehicle is sent from the Waiting Area to the border-crossing point: www.eestipiir.ee or www.estonianborder.eu .

3.8. In case of questions related to the Database, please contact the Database administrator GoSwift OÜ by calling +372 6989192 or sending an e-mail to info@eestipiir.ee.

3.9. When arriving at the Waiting Area, the driver undertakes to do the following:

3.9.1. when driving into the Waiting Area, the driver must follow the stop signs that regulate the traffic in the Waiting Area, inform the operator of his/her arrival to the Waiting Area and the fact of whether the data about the vehicle applied for a place in the waiting line and the driver’s data have been entered into the Database;

3.9.2. to submit the documents for the data conformance check or for the application of a place in the waiting line;

3.9.3. to inform the operator if the vehicle transports dangerous goods, time-sensitive goods or if the vehicle has other priority border-crossing rights pursuant to the State Borders Act;

3.9.4. to place the vehicle to a parking space indicated by the operator;

3.9.5. not to drive the vehicle at a speed of over 5 km per hour in the Waiting Area territory;

3.9.6. to follow the information intended for drivers at the Waiting Area, including information about the time when the vehicle is sent from the Waiting Area to the road border-crossing point.

3.10. Access to the Waiting Area territory without registration is allowed under exceptional circumstances, which may include accident or fire, attempted assault or attack on objects located on the territory, natural disaster or other circumstances caused by forces of nature, and for transport vehicles servicing the Waiting Area.

3.11. Vehicles are positioned in the Waiting Area according to categories and with a possibility to leave without being dependent on other vehicles.

3.12. Vehicles that carry dangerous goods (e.g. ADR goods) will be directed to a separated part of the Waiting Area, which has an additional access for rescue service.



4.1. Services offered in the waiting area:

a) customs agency services

b) cafe

c) to use showers

d) vehicles weighing services

e) office services

f) wake-up services for drivers waiting in the Waiting Area

g) parking in the Waiting Area outside the permitted time limit

h) luggage room service

4.2. The Waiting Area is serviced in Estonian, English and Russian.

4.3. Persons staying in the Waiting Area undertake to do the following:

4.3.1 to observe and fulfil the requirements of these Rules and the traffic control devices (road markings, traffic signs);

4.3.2. to fulfil the legal requests of the Waiting Area staff and the security workers;

4.3.3. to maintain order and cleanliness, to use the property and equipment of the Waiting Area with care;

4.3.4. to observe the information displayed on the electronic display.

4.4. It is forbidden for the persons staying in the Waiting Area to:

4.4.1. bring the following items into the Waiting Area:

a) firearms;

b) narcotic substances;

c) toxic and poisonous substances (unless as cargo);

d) other substances that may cause an explosion, fire or other emergency situation;

4.4.2. to obstruct the trafficking of other vehicles and to ignore the requirements of road markings and traffic signs;

4.4.3. to ignite an open fire;

4.4.4. to perform major repairs to the transport vehicles;

4.4.5. to refuel;

4.4.6. to pour petroleum products into waste bins;

4.4.7. to position transport vehicles that leak fuel or oil in the Waiting Area;

4.4.8. to be in an intoxicated condition in the Waiting Area.

4.5. If the requirements of these Rules are violated and financial loss is caused, the persons at fault will fully indemnify for all the losses caused to the owner of the Waiting Area. Pursuant to Clause 4.5.7. of these Rules, the representative of the Waiting Area is entitled to impose, in addition to the indemnification of losses, a fine for causing oil pollution: 50 € for an area of up to 30 cm2, 100 € for an area of up to 1 m2.

4.6. The Waiting Area operator and/or the security service are/is entitled to temporarily bar the violator’s access to the Waiting Area.



5.1. A vehicle has a right to drive to the border-crossing point after the respective data is displayed on the Waiting Area display and after the driver has settled his/her financial obligations towards the Waiting Area.

5.2. The departure of vehicles from the Waiting Area is allowed, provided that the Waiting Area operator is informed about it. If a vehicle returns to the Waiting Area before the time it is sent to the border, the vehicle retains its position in the border-crossing waiting line. If not, a new registration into the border-crossing Database and a new payment for the Waiting Area must be made.

5.3. If a truck or a (semi-)trailer needs to be replaced, the driver will notify the Waiting Area operator. The vehicle’s position in the border-crossing waiting line is retained, if it still carries the same goods (the same MRN number), which were declared when the position in the line was taken.

5.4. The vehicles that did not pass the customs control and return to the Waiting Area will be given a new border crossing time by the operator. If the border is not crossed or a vehicle is sent back from the border-crossing point customs control zone (regardless of the reason), the Waiting Area service is deemed to have been provided and the paid sum will not be refunded.

5.5. If the time arrives for a vehicle to leave the Waiting Area and the vehicle fails to make an appearance, the Waiting Area personnel has to clarify the reason. Upon a reasoned request of the driver to prolong the vehicle’s stay on the Waiting Area, the Waiting Area operator is entitled to and may allow such prolongation. In such case the vehicle is moved to the next free place in line and the driver undertakes to pay a parking fee outside the time limit indicated in Clause 6.1. pursuant to valid rates. If, for some reason, the departure of a vehicle from the Waiting Area has not been registered, the reservation and the related serial number shall be cancelled.


6.1 The WA service provider shall charge fees for using the border crossing WA and reserving a place in the queue according to the valid price list. This fee gives the client the right to use the WA services within 24 hours before heading to the border crossing point and within 12 hours after it.

6.2 The WA can be used as an additional service outside the time limit prescribed in clause 6.1 for which the operator of the WA may charge a parking fee.

6.3 The following options can be used to pay for the usage of the border crossing WA and for reserving a place in the queue:

  1. via bank link or by credit card on the websites www.eestipiir.ee or www.estonianborder.eu;
    b) by phone with either credit card or mobile payment. In the case of mobile payment, confirmation is requested during the call and the fee is added to the phone bill;
    c) at the WA it is possible to pay in cash or by bank card using a payment terminal.

6.4 The parking fee for the vehicles in the waiting area earlier than 24 hours before heading to the border crossing point and later than 12 hours after it, is as follows:

a) cars

• hour 0,50 Euro;
• 24 hours 7.00 Euros;

b) truck transport/trailers/buses

• hour 0,50 Euros;
• 24 hours 10.00 Euros;

6.5 Other paid services in the WA are provided according to the valid price list.

6.6 The price list of WA services is available at the service provision point in the WA as well as on the websites www.eestipiir.ee and www.estonianborder.eu.

How it works?

Queues and types


  • Reserve for certain time
    By registering in the queue, you can choose the time when you want to cross the border. Note that if an unexpected decrease or increase in border capacity occurs, then the booked time will be, if possible, kept unchanged at the expense of other queues (except priority queues).
  • Priority Queue
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.
  • Booking for the first available time
    А certain part of the normal border capacity is allocated, so it is advisable to use a reservation for a certain time or priority. Note that if an unexpected decrease or increase in border capacity occurs, then waiting time will be increased or decreased accordingly.

Where and how


  • Internet
  • Operator or self service termnals at waiting areas
  • Call Center 08:00-20:00: +372 698 9192